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 CNN News:
- Hariri returns to Lebanon two weeks after shock resignation
- What John Conyers' colleagues in Congress are saying
- Additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson found in Niger
- Highlights from Trump's first turkey pardon
- UN seeks investigation into Libya slave trade
- North Korea punishes army's 'impure behavior'
- Palestinians freeze communications with US
- Controversial sugar industry study resurfaces
- Mark Zuckerberg is no longer king of social. Meet 'Pony' Ma
- Trump administration slaps more sanctions on North Korea

- Keystone XL oil pipeline will go ahead despite last week's spill
- Latest climate talks actually made progress despite US obstinacy
- An Argentinian submarine has vanished - here's how to find it
- Russia confirms 'extremely high' radiation levels in toxic cloud
- The message we're sending to nearby aliens is no threat to Earth
- The exquisite marble that sculptor Michelangelo couldn't use
- We got a good look at the interstellar asteroid and it's weird
- How a tiny fly can 'scuba dive' in a salty and toxic lake
- The messages I'm sending to nearby aliens are no threat to Earth
- Nothing you can do stops this code from watching you online

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